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Anomaly: How to Finally Stand Out From the Crowd


Zack Miller

I was miserable working a corporate job and wanted more. I didn't know what to do or how to get out of my situation. After three grueling years, I just decided to quit my job that I had spent five years of school and north of $100,000 bucks preparing for and jump off that cliff, hoping to figure it all out before I hit the ground. Over the past decade, I've built up my reputation, grown my network, and developed proven methods and techniques on how to be seen in a busy world. And then I put it all into a book.

I've used these techniques to be invited to the White House, featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, hustle my way onto hosting a business TV show on ABC, land an interview with Daymond John, raise money from the team that started the Weather Channel, and so much more!

About the author

Zack Miller started his first business at the age of 10. Since then he’s spent decades helping other people successfully start, grow and dominate their businesses through his company, Hatch. Zack has used the skills detailed in his book Anomaly: How to Finally Stand Out From the Crowd to land an interview with Daymond John, be chosen as the host of a business TV show on ABC, talk business at the White House, get featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, and raise money from the team that started the Weather Channel. Check out Zack on his podcast, “Zack Miller Says”. He currently resides in Norfolk, VA.

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$49.75 RAISED from contributors

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Book Token A BOOK token is an indivisible token that represents access to a unique piece of digital content. A token is therefore a unique access key. Each book that is published or crowdfunded on Publica is assigned its own, unique BOOK token.
Total Supply 10000 Tokens
Initial Rate $1.99 per one BOOK_ZMAHTFSOFTC Token
Rate After ICO $12.99 per one BOOK_ZMAHTFSOFTC Token
if only softcap is reached eBook will still be delivered.

About Book

Genre: Reference book
Language: English
Planned publishing date: 15.01.2019

Anomaly provides proven financially conscious and easy-to-implement methods for those who want to turn heads, be memorable, and become the anomaly. Rather than rambling about high level topics that turn out to be nothing more than a plethora of cliché “rah rah” phrases that are supposed to get people excited about business, Zack Miller, an award-winning business man, shows readers what they can do today to grow their brand. 

Anomaly teaches readers how to stand out from the millions of people fighting for attention; addresses both online and in person strategies; helps readers grasp the concept of confidence when building an audience; showcases proven case studies of methods in action; and includes methods that cost less than the book itself.

Whether they are a marketing professional or an individual striving to stand out from the crowd, Anomaly teaches readers things they can implement immediately to start seeing results—things they may not have thought about or believed they can do. For those who are tired of spinning their wheels and making no progress, Anomaly reveals how to start moving forward.

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