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Book ICO ended on 14th of March 2019 and funding goal wasn't reached

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The Conquest of Dough


Roger (Tonefreqhz) Lewis

Introduction, What Why and How, a note On SCADS and Conspiracies.
In Setting Out these pages I am acutely aware that with each link, each map and each Film, readers are on the edge of a Labyrinth of rabbit holes and may be nervous of the charge, if found furtively, browsing these pages of, "Conspiracy Theorist". Take heart, no conspiracies are required. What is, however, apparent is manipulation, especially of the psychological variety. Fear of the label Conspiracy Theorist is but one such of these psychological manipulations. ( See SCADS for further re-assurance.)
So for negotiating this Labyrinth, I offer this rather long, although informative, Ball of String ( As Ariadne gave to Theseus), a Dialogue that was published in the early seventies of a disputation between Skousen and Quigley,Authors both of Two Books dealing with the same material as dealt with here on this site and by extension the Novel , "The Conquest of Dough"
So take good heed of the Old Poem, The Elephant of Hindustan and Read this dialogue,


About the author

I have been Blogging since 2011 and have been making you tube videos since 2009. I have an almost finished first Novel Called The Plantsman which is a satirical comedy novel about how we all have roles in our own lives that caste us variously as dramaticus personae simultaneously or alternately villain, lover hero and simpleton and wise. 
My Philosophy studies have lead to a deep intrigue with plurality, being more than one thing at once. These opposing and not always complementary roles we play make for some very funny situations and it is these absurdities I wish to examine and shine upon the un-self-knowing pompous selves we all sometimes are. My Second Novel informs the first and I will not be able to finish it until Novel 2 is completed.
My Second Novel is Called the Conquest of Dough which is a metaphoric parable about sour dough bread and a legendary syrian Sour dough that is smuggled to the UK. Here the syrian refugee meets with challenges , helpers and enemies who seek to restore the Dough to its homeland, various actors wish the Dough to be supressed. Dough is the metaphor for Money which examines another of my areas of work, Monetary reform activism. The Finale of Conquest of dough is an hilarious Romp through the Glastonbury Music festival examining the social aspects of that festival parodying itself whilst pretending it remains what it once was.
I have a series of epic poems which I wish to pursue after the conquest of Dough around the theme of democracy. What is it ?and how is it done? there are various political episodes in my lifetime I wish to satarise in poetry.  Epic Poetry is my preferred medium for satirising matters of Political Economy.
I am a political animal, a dedicated Anarchist and confirmed tree hugger. I have following the Great Crash of 2008, in stoic parlance, Returned my wealth and live now very simple. I would like to spend most of my time writing and the political nature of much of what I write does not sit well with the Political Climate of conventional Dead tree publishing. I thought I would see if Patreon might be a way to make a contribution to our Family Budget whilst Writing Full time for a Year or so. 
As my Introduction Video, I have linked to my Latest Poem on Brexit, Unwrapping Democracy, The emergent reality of Brexit.
This poem Maybe read variously at My Blog
Or on The Conquest of Dough Web Site

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Book ICO ended on 14th of March 2019 and funding goal wasn't reached

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Book Token A BOOK token is an indivisible token that represents access to a unique piece of digital content. A token is therefore a unique access key. Each book that is published or crowdfunded on Publica is assigned its own, unique BOOK token.
Total Supply 146 Tokens
Initial Rate $10.00 per one BOOK_RLTCOD Token
Rate After ICO $20.00 per one BOOK_RLTCOD Token
if only softcap is reached Well, it will probably mean my losing a few pounds, Bread on the table mainly. I have been writing this book for 3 years and I am just making the final push.

About Book

Genre: Historical fiction
Language: British English
Planned publishing date: 31.05.2019

A tale of the redistribution of a holy sourdough, from Allepo Syria to Glastonbury, where the secret knowledge of man's access to and usufruct of natures gifts will be re.introduced to a distracted and diminished human consciousness.
The Dough is targeted for capture and destruction by the forces of Global Oligarchy, and the Hero Abdul has many helpers afrom history as he journeys on ancient trade routes, he gets the dough through a network of Master Bakers from the Middle East across the Mediterranean and into The UK.All along spinning or Kneading  A morality Tale and a tale of Folk wisdom poking fun at the hubris and arrogance of deterministic anthropocentric materialism.

Heres Just a sample from the beginning of the Novel , a dipping of a toe in the water as it were?
Chapter 2.

The Last Bakery in Aleppo.

Abdul looks at the space where his father's head once sat upon his broad shoulders, the words his father had just spoke rung in his ears and he held in his hands a Jar Covered in Silver Filigree through which glistened the golden sheath. Concealed and protected within, the ancient Glass vessel, held, beneath a Lid of fine ornamented be- jeweled blue lapis lazuli . A blue glass that shimmered as  off the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. Within this sacred Vessel was the most sacred of ceremonial Doughs, the most secretly and jealously guarded of all Aleppo's secrets. More jealously protected down generations of his family more so than the Codex of Aleppo's Central Synagogue the Site of the Cave of Elijah. This was history and the key to the sustenance of generations a direct line back to before history began, a starter dough born of the first undomesticated grains and the Yeast from the air breathed by the first civilisations of sedentary populations. These were the grains which formed the metrics for measurements from which the noble science of metrology sprang. The grains which defined the weights and measures of rations for the slaves of Pharaohs and the origins of all measurements from which all science and mathematics became codified. The Grains that made this dough produced the sugars and the carbohydrates that nourished the bodies and fueled the thoughts of the mothers of all invention. In his hands, Abdul's held a link back to the beginning of all that we know, and all that we take for granted. And now it fell for him to take the Holy Sour Dough to a safe place, far away, over many seas and lands to make good and redeem promises made long ago between contracting parties whose promises were sealed in blood and sacrifice and whose code had spread to the four corners of the world. Secrets now bleeding from the severed head of his Father yet locked still in the mind of His son who stood momentarily shocked.
He heard voices, The White Helmets, the mercenary army of the Black orders of usury, the challengers of the nobility of the dough.

An interrogation, a blast of machine gun fire, screams, more interrogations,

Abdul  knew he must move fast through the route known to his elite class of baker; to flee again the tumult that Aleppo had become. Fleeing a war about Monetary Hegemony and a war about Vested interests in the monopoly supply of necessities. They were looking for what he held in his hands the truth of Mans wealth and debt to agriculture and the universal access to and the production of Bread. The White helmets were closing in he knew he must say his goodbyes and hold on to his grieving for later and hold onto the Vessel in his hands even tighter the freedom of Good and the freedom of all Men of all the holy books depended on his reaching the place of safety. Abdul Knew he must retrace the route of civilisation and trade and ensure that the Dough of Life be spread again to the four corners of Humanity. For as the Middle East burned and as the Powers of Finance Capital and Usury sought to extinguish the knowledge of Dough , the Brotherhood of bakers knew that as long as the idea of self-sufficiency and the Breaking of freshly baked bread lived, the Global domination of the means of sustenance and trade would always evade that Blackhearted breed of Man who would see orphans starve rather than yield control of the destinies of Nations and reliquish their grip over and offence to  the nobility of populations.

He turned and ran.
As the White Helmut Leader rounded the Corner to the courtyard of the last Bakery in Aleppo, so Abdul had vanished, as elusive as the fresh odour of newly baked bread invisibly seduces the senses, so Abdul had evaporated

the white Helmut cried out.
"Damn, there's the old guy, where's the son? Damn it!"

He lifted the radio transmitter to his Mouth.

"White leader to Carrier Group One, Target on the run, Mission failed, advise telling Langley to alert Drone strike force to seek and destroy. Repeat Target at large, Advise arm Drones and seek and destroy, civilians expendable The Target is at large."

In a fit of Rage the White helmet turned and pointed his M17 at the corpse of Abdul's father, emptied the magazine into the Still warm and not yet stiff corpse,

"damn you, Fucking Rag headed animal."

A picture of democracy early one morning in the last bakery in Aleppo,
this is where our story and Abdul's Journey Begins.

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